Parsons Scholarship Competition Video + the Bloopers!

Hey guys! I know I said that I will be showing my blog more love this year and I really will, so be ready. Remember in my last post when I said that I have a lot of exciting things coming up for 2015? Well this is one of them, I'm applying to Parsons for fashion design in New York City! But in order to fully finance this endeavor I need to win a scholarship, a $100,000 scholarship to be exact. So I entered The New School Competition which required me to take a few quizzes and upload a video to YouTube explaining 'Why I am New School.' Apparently I did exceptionally well on the quizzes which made me one of the top 50 candidates out of 1,770. The next step of the competition is getting as many likes and comments as possible on my YouTube video...and that's where you come in! Please help me out and take more than a couple views on my video, like, share, and comment. And repeat. And don't fret, I will be blogging each of the looks from the video in the upcoming weeks so stay posted. Thank you guys so much for all the support and love it means so much to me. 

Click play below and watch my video as many times as your little heart desires: 

This video is my official submission for a $100,000 scholarship to Parsons the New School for Fashion Design in New York City. Please like and comment on the video to help me advance to the next level of the competition. Thank you in advance!

As promised... BLOOPERS!

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Adeola πŸ’‹