Hi, I'm Adeola.

Adeola Oso Yorubad Girl TOPSHOP dress ruffle

YORUBAD GIRL | n. I yoh-ru -bad gurl |

1. Yoruba girl + bad. 
2. A Yoruba girl with bad girl tendencies, in the figurative sense.

At the moment there are only two things that I really want you to know about me at the moment:

1. I youtube here and there. Here's my channel: www.youtube.com/yorubadgirl.

2. And I make clothes.

Oh yeah one more, my name.

3. Adeola Oso

So here's the run down on me, I'm a Nigerian American born and raised in Atlanta. I own a design firm by night and work a 9-5 in marketing by day.   I'm Yoruba, everyone's favorite Nigerian tribe and that where my blog YORUBAd girl stems from. 

Explore my world, my style, and my blog.



Adeola Oso 💋